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Developer Blog: Halaster's Lockbox

Автор: Julia (nitocris83) | Птн 09 Авг 2019 07:00:00

Adventurers flowing into Undermountain has caused Halaster to become even more unstable and caches of his valuables have begun to show up across Neverwinter. You will want to grab this treasure quickly as an ominous asteroid has been seen moving into orbit around the planet and reports of fierce warriors have emerged from those who have managed to escape alive. 

Halaster’s Lockbox:

This lockbox will be available in the game (PC) on August 13.

Halaster’s mind shifts from fierce to docile, and from muddied to clear. While this can be terrifying when face to face, it can also result in some wonderful magics and creatures that are spectacular to behold.



Legendary Giant Toad – mount:

* Legendary mount speed

* Equip Power:  +10000 Combat Advantage

* Combat Power: Tongue Lash (Summons the Giant Toad which lashes out at your target with its massive tongue, inflicting damage. If the target is a minion, the Giant Toad will consume it)

While hopping through Neverwinter on your new Giant Toad, to the oohs and ahhs of stunned citizens, you can bring along one of the new constructs that began showing up after the asteroid was discovered.



Crystal Golems come with the following powers: 

*Precision - chance on hit to increase your Critical Strike and increase your companions Critical Avoidance

*Crystal Golem's Presence - increases your Maximum Hit Points and Power


Halaster’s Lockbox also comes with a variety of helpful items such as companion upgrade tokens, profession supplements, rank 9 enchantments, and more.

We hope you enjoy the new lockbox and that you have an exciting adventure exploring the out of this world hub with new adventures and expeditions!


Jared Sears
Lead Systems Designer

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