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Star Trek Online

Nine Years of STO

Par Ambassador Kael | mer. 30 janv. 2019 09:00:00 PST

Happy Anniversary, Captains! It’s been an incredible 9 years that we’ve traveled the stars together, and we wanted to share with you some interesting facts about our near-decade together. Check out this infographic below, made by EU Design Lead Tim “Suricata” Davies, for some cool tidbits about the characters, ships, fleets and adventures you’ve been on in the Final Frontier. Click on the image for a larger version!

It's been an absolute blast sharing the Star Trek universe with you, Captains. Over the last week, as we were sharing these messages on social media, we asked you to share your favorite memories of Star Trek Online with the hashtag #9YearsofSTO. Here are some of our favorites:

We got responses from former and current developers:

And from people for whom STO had inspired new creative projects:


But mostly, just wonderful memories of playing this game together:


And that's not all - we wanted you to be able to celebrate on your desktops, too. Here's a set of Mirror of Discovery Wallpaper - click on the image for the different sizes.


We've loved going on this journey with you, Captains. Here's to the next nine.


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