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Star Trek Online

Risa Summer Activities and Rewards

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 03 Jun 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

Risians are welcoming back visitors this year with a bounty of new rewards and activities. The sun is out, the water is warm, and the natives are inviting! Join in on exciting events around Risa to earn Lohlunat Favors that can be traded in for cool gear like swimwear or powerboards! Come enjoy your stay on Risa with these exciting additions this summer!


UPDATE: Risian Duty Officers


To pick up Risian Duty Officers, head to the promenade, go upstairs, and take the bridge over to the far side. You’ll find a Risian officer there who can help you with recruitment. In exchange for Lohlunat favors, you can requisition the available Risian officers – but, you must show your understanding of Risian ideals before you can get them to join your crew! To requisition rare (blue) Risian Duty Officers, you must complete any three accolades on Risa, whether from watching a fireworks show, buzzing over the landscape in a floater, or doing other activities around the island. To requisition very rare (purple) Risian Duty Officers, you must complete the Master Relaxer accolade, which means you have to dedicate yourself to finding every hidden spot and participating in every activity!



It's time to get out of that uniform and into something a little more comfortable! Risian tailors are now featuring this year's latest fashion trends. Jump into your new swimsuit and hit the promenade in style! You can attend the latest dance party in the square held by locals and show off your moves. Remember, clothes make the captain!

Dip into the waters with new swimwear like men's shorts, the tech, halter tops, bikinis, and more! This year we have 14 new swimwear options for vacationers looking to get their tan. Check out the full list of swimwear available:

For male captains:

Partial Wetsuit
Full Wetsuit

For female captains:

One shoulder
One Piece
String Bikini
Tie Waist

New Floater Colors

Swimsuits aren't the only fashion you can wear! Risian vendors have put out the latest and greatest in floaters. Explore the island and the sky with these floaters that come in a variety of different colors. This year you can now enjoy green, orange, pink, and yellow floaters to match your fashion sense. These floaters come in both enhanced and superior versions.



Take to the sea with your very own powerboard! These hoverboards feature gravitational technology to effortlessly glide above the water. Coast along the beach with these powerboards. Please note: this type of technology is meant only for the party shores of Risa! Check out the huge variety different powerboards, each with their very own design and feel.

Standard Powerboards:

Wood with Yellow Trim
Wood with Blue Trim
Wood with White Trim
Wood with Green Trim

Enhanced Powerboards:

Black and Orange
Cream and Red
Teal and Aqua
Sky and White

Superior Powerboards:

Creamsickle Crush
Yellow Blazer
Lavendar Highliner
Midnight Marauder
United Federation of Planets
Klingon Empire


Powerboard Race


There's no better way to test out your new powerboard than by racing the waves! Risians have set up a race course along the water to test the mettle of any would-be surfers. Race against your fellow Captains around the island; be to earn the prized Tropical tags. Be sure to stay within the confines of the race, otherwise you might be booted out! Races are held every 30 minutes. You can buy or rent powerboards to take part and race ahead of the competition.


Feather Monkey Pet


Risians have been been tirelessly working on domesticating their prized wildlife. After perfecting the art of raising Risian Tropical Birds, everyone is excited to tame their very own Feather Monkey! These monkeys come in multiple breeds and colors. Use Tropical Tags won from the powerboard race to get a new Feather Monkey pet.

If you missed last year's summer event, fear not Captains! You can still get Risian eggs and Tropical birds!


Castles in the Sand


Risa's beaches are the prime spot to build sand sculptures. All along the beach are great places to sit down, grab some sand, and start building! A local arenologist - a specialist in sand - over in the promenade can help you take part in building your very own sand castle! Just look for some small pails and shovels set out in the sand - claim a location next to one and build your sculpture there. With enough practice, you'll go from making small little castles to elaborate sculptures. These are are a great way to express your artistic side and earn Lohlunat Favors. Once per hour, Risian event coordinators will host a special event, during which you'll earn bonus rewards for making a sand sculpture. Show off your sculptures all along the water front to everyone. Just remember, be careful of any pesky monkeys who might seek to ruin your sculpture!

Enjoy and Blessed Lohlunat!

Vacation Liaison
Risian Bureau of Travel 


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