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Star Trek Online

Season 9 Is Live!

By LaughingTrendy | Tue 22 Apr 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

Season 9: A New Accord is now available! Read on for a look at what you can experience in this update, as well as watch our brand-new trailer. Also, you can check out the full Release Notes here. In this latest season, Captains will face off against the looming Undine threat. Players can join Tuvok (from Star Trek: Voyager) at the Jenolan Dyson sphere to help negotiate a coordinated response to the Undine.

In addition, Earth Spacedock has been remodeled, Borg and Undine missions have been revamped with art and gameplay improvements, new queued events are available, all PvP maps have been enabled for cross-faction play, and there is a new space battlezone in the Solanae Dyson Sphere. There is also a new 8472 Counter-Command Reputation, a new system for Kits, and Trait and Reputation powers have been updated. 

For information about all of Season 9's features, visit




Surface Tension

The Featured Episode "Surface Tension" continues the storyline of "Sphere of Influence" and "A Step Between Stars." Starring "Star Trek: Voyager" star Tim Russ reprising his role as Tuvok, "Surface Tension" sends you to the Delta Quadrant and beyond to fight the rising Undine threat!

  • This mission is available via the Mission Journal for characters Level 10 or higher of any faction.
  • After the end of the Featured Episode's first run, "Surface Tension" will be available for maximum-rank characters.

Undine Infiltration

In this new queued event, maximum-rank players of any faction can go to Bajor to seek out shapeshifters hiding among the population. Earn Marks for the new 8472 Counter-Command Reputation and find the infiltrators!

  • Investigate reports of Undine agents on Bajor.
  • Infiltrators are well hidden; players will need to carefully interview citizens to uncover who is actually an Undine spy.

Updated Borg and Undine Missions

Missions featuring the Borg and Undine have been updated with new art and gameplay improvements. We've smoothed the flow, made story updates, added new rewards, and made general improvements to the play experience of these missions. Join Admiral Tuvok for a voyage into fluidic space!

Undine Assault

A new space queued event for maximum-rank players sends captains into a battle to defend well-known planets from Undine attack. Stop the planet killers before they can destroy the Alpha & Beta Quadrants!  

  • Help defend home worlds that are under attack by the Undine! Ferenginar, Andoria, Gornar, and Cardassia are under seige by Undine forces.
  • Each home world comes with unique defenders that will assist you in defeating the Undine.
  • Multiple rifts will open up, allowing Undine forces to press the attack.
  • Once all the rifts are closed, face off against a planet killer before it's too late!

Viscous Cycle

Bring the fight to the Undine in this new queued event. Mixed-faction teams of maximum-rank characters will team up to enter fluidic space and eliminate Undine ships before they are fully constructed. Breach the shipyard maws to reach the Proto-Planet Killers within and destroy them before time runs out.

Undine Dyson Sphere Battlezone

Undine forces have broken into the Solanae Dyson Sphere and are holding an area once controlled by the Voth. Team up and fight to regain control of the region and then destroy the Undine forces in a persistent space battle. The Space Battlezone can be reached from the Ground Battlezone, the edge of the Contested Zone or from the arrival area of the Allied Zone. 

8472 Counter-Command Reputation

This new Reputation track for maximum-rank characters offers new rewards and new powers to aid in the fight against the Undine threat.

  • Personal advancement system for Level 50 characters.
  • Fight against the Undine to earn resources needed to increase Reputations and unlock reward tiers.
  • Select new captain abilities as you unlock reward tiers.
  • Spend Expertise and Resources to acquire special gear sets.


Brand New Earth Spacedock

Starfleet Corps of Engineers has completed a complete remodel of Earth Spacedock! Starfleet characters should stop by ESD and see all of the changes!


New Kit System

Kits have been completely updated! You can now add Modules to your kits to customize the powers available to your captain during combat. 

  • Kits and Modules are available from Mk I to Mk XII in Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare qualities.
  • Basic common quality Kits and Modules are available from vendors for Energy Credits.
    • All qualities of Kits and Modules will now drop from ground enemies as possible rewards.
    • Fleet Holding Kits have been updated to provide a Very Rare Kit with a pre-slotted Very Rare Module of the power that was previously a "Mark IV" power.
    • For more information about the Kit revamp, read more here!



And more!

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