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Champions Online

Last Chance - Subscription Sale

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 27 Jun 2014 07:03:00 PM PDT

Champions, we're pleased to announce that for a limited time only, we have up to a 33% sale on all three months, six months, and lifetime subscriptions. This awesome sale lasts till 10AM PDT, June 30th. Also, once you lock into a subscription, even if the sale ends, you can continue to use the discounted price on your subscription. You'll be able to renew your subscription at the discounted price. These subscriptions come with everything you need!

With multiple character slots that come free with your subscription, you can get to work on your new custom hero right away. All the powers of the premium Archetypes unlocked means you'll have loads to pick and choose from. Get all the powers of the Tempest, the Scourge, and more. Check out all the different Archetypes you'll unlock automatically when you subscribe.

Along with all the amazing archetypes that come free with being a Gold Member, you'll be able to enjoy multiple travel powers. You can fly into combat with a burst of flames, or surf the skies with your personal hover disk. These powers are unlocked for all your characters, opening up tons of possibilities.

With all your new found powers, you need a look that shows off your heroism. Gold Members get immediate access to loads of free costume sets, more than 400 parts in total, as an automatic unlock. Gear up for the fight with the Sakura Mecha Armor that comes free with your subscription. Your dueling gunslinger will be thankful for the bandolier and extra bullets that come free with the High Plains Drifter set. Finally, what type of Spartan doesn't wear his signature cape and Spartan Armor before entering combat? These are just a few of the costumes you'll get for free when you become a subscriber.

Gold players also get a monthly stipend of 500 ZEN, half the price of the monthly subscription. That's enough to pick up an entire set of our costumes, such as the newest Holoforce Armor or the formidable Tactical Armor. You'll also get loads of costume sets, more than 400 parts in total, as an automatic unlock.

These are just some of the exciting features that come with being a subscriber - read more about all the wonderful benefits of being a subscribing Gold Member. Remember to lock in the discounted price since this subscription discount will only till 6/30. Subscribe now to get all these benefits in Champions Online. 



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