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Star Trek Online

New Items in Mudd's Market!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 05 May 2022 08:00:00 AM PDT

My dear, dear friends. My greatest customers! You who have traveled far and wide to find Mudd's unique store of wonders. Thank you for coming today, you humble me with your very presence. But now is the time you've all been waiting for. We're here to unveil my latest items! First, a special ship, one of my favorites. The Risian people use it to control the weather, isn't that something? I'm told it was designed by committee, how fascinating! And then there's the Temporal Vortex Probe. Not quite true time travel - I'm still working on aquiring that technology, I -bzzt- assure you - but this handy little probe will open a miniature event that will damage any of your foes in its path. I hear it affects your enemys' movement as well, so certainly an excellent weapon for escaping from the long arm of the law! Finally, I have fashionable new clothing for you. Trying to blend in with the Fenris Rangers? Why, this outfit was worn by one of their most famous members!

...No, sir, not this exact outfit. That would be much more expensive.


Mudd has three new items coming to his Market today! Grab the Risian Weather Control Vessel (T6), The Temporal Vortext Probe Universal Console, and the Civilian 2399 Outfit!

 In addition, it's Not-Quite-Muddsday! Save 75% on everything except the bundles in Mudd's Market, from 10am PT May 5th until May 9th at 10am PT.

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