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Star Trek Online

New Items in Mudd's Market!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 21 Mar 2024 08:00:00 AM PDT

Hello my friends, and welcome to – Admiral Janeway? What are you doing here? Surely, you, uh, wouldn’t want to interfere with a…legitimate business like mine. I assure you my papers are all in order! Starfleet and the Alliance should have no problem with someone making a little profit oh god please don’t shut me down!

…why aren’t you moving?

Oh. Oh I see. This is one of our new products. Which, of course, I knew. And was just…demonstrating…the realism. For, uh…for you, my friends and greatest customers! Please, step right this way, this lifelike simalcrum of the legendary Admiral Janeway is just one of our brand new items!

Tell me next time before you put one of these on the floor.


Mudd is bringing three new items to Mudd’s Market on PC, today! Head there to get your hands on a Holographic Janeway bridge officer, the four piece Kuumaarke Visionary Ground Set, and the Terran Sommerville! And of course, from now until March 25th at 12pm PT, the entirety of the Mudd Store (save the bundles) is 50% off!

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