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Star Trek Online

The Prodigy Lock Box!

By Ambassador Kael | Sat 09 Sep 2023 08:00:00 AM PDT

In the 24th century the Federation set out to explore the far reaches of our galaxy, in hopes of finding other civilizations who share their ideals.  Using new technology like those used by the USS Protostar. This is a lock box based on the Star Trek: Prodigy animated show. Captains opening the Prodigy Lock Box may find themselves fortunate enough to win the Protostar Science Spearhead.

(Additional information on the above starship will be contained in a separate Developer Blog.)

Protostar Phaser Weapons

The Protostar Phaser Weapons contains a suite of Phaser Beams and Cannons.  Protostar Phasers are equipped with Regenerative Phaser Emitters that can return a small amount of energy back to Weapon, Shield, Engines or Auxiliary power.

Duty Officers

  • Dal R’El – Dal creative and unorthodox approach to tactics allows him to alter the dynamics of your Fire at Will, and Attack Pattern Beta.
  • Gwyndala – Gwyn’s experience and affinity with Watch Robots, grants a chance to beam down Watcher Robots when using Security Team.
  • Jankom Pog – “Jankom Pog can fix it.  Jankom Pog can fix it!”  Your Engineering Team recharge time and effectiveness are improved.
  • Rok-Tahk – Rok-Tahk’s enthusiasm for the sciences allowed her to add a chance to add Seismic Agitation Field to your Tricorder Scans.
  • Zero - “Your chance of return was low. Our desire to leave remained high.” Your Evasive Maneuvers recharge and effectiveness are improved.


Space Trait: Space Trait: Whole Lotta X’s

You and your crew’s quick thinking allow you to avoid disaster (some of the time).  When your Hull is low, your ship will receive a Hull and Shield Heal.

Space Trait: The Old Razzle-Dazzle

When under pressure, your crew comes up with unorthodox methods to temporarily boost system effectiveness.

Space Trait: Go Fast!

An advanced understanding of propulsion systems allows your ship to be faster at and more agile at Impulse speeds.  You gain random amounts of power to all systems for a short while, after you are critically hit in space combat.


Kit Module - Watcher Robots

Watcher Robots are autonomous robots created by the Vau N’Akat.  This Kit Module will spawn three Watcher Robots.  Each robot is capable of firing an Energy Bolt and discharge melee range an Electric Shock that can stun targets.

Universal Kit Frame - Tricorder (Protostar)

The Tricorder (Protostar) Kit Frame has the additional benefit of being able to perform a stronger Tricorder Scan, however it has a longer cooldown than traditional tricorders.


Protostar Phaser High Density Rifle and Protostar Phaser Stun Pistol

The personal Phaser weapons boast similar experimental technology to the space Phasers’ Regenerative Phaser Emitters . Protostar Phaser ground weapons have a chance to grant Weapon Proficiency, Willpower, Kit Performance or Personal Shield Hardness for a short duration.

Lobi Crystal Consortium Offering


Mellanoid slime worm

This personal companion is a Mellanoid slime worm.  Mellanoid slime worms are known for being nearly indestructible and ingesting nearly anything and everything.  It's believed they are non-sentient.  However do bond with other species, becoming loyal companions.  You have a chance to get one of the following:

  •        Mellanoid slime worm - Prodigious (Pet)
  •        Mellanoid slime worm - Midnight (Pet)
  •        Mellanoid slime worm - Dusky (Pet)
  •        Mellanoid slime worm - Sunburst (Pet)
  •        Mellanoid slime worm - Plasmic (Pet)


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