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Star Trek Online

Can you Survive the Borg Tesseract?

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 06 Sep 2023 09:00:00 AM PDT

With the release of Season 30: Incursion comes a new event: the Borg Tesseract. Using vortices to cross vast gulfs of space and dimensions, the Borg launch attacks all across the Alpha and Beta quadrants, and it’s up to you to stop them!

You can participate in this event by playing the episode Wish Upon a Star or the new episode Taken by Surprise, or the new TFOs “Guillotine” and “Resistance of Starbase One.” In each of these, the Borg have some new tricks, and they’re tougher and more dangerous than before.

After playing the participating missions or TFOs for 20 days, you’ll earn the Adaptation set, designed to rework Borg technology for your own uses. This includes three items:

Infinity Modulator Rifle

Straight out of the classic FPS Elite Force series, the Infinity Modulator, or I-MOD, rifle comes to Star Trek Online! This Polaron rifle is twice as difficult for the Borg to adapt to, and has a secondary fire that does extra tetryon damage to targets with low hit points.

Adaptation Personal Shield

This special shield was designed by the Alliance's greatest Borg experts, and mimics their adaptation power for your personal shield. As you take damage, this shield will gain stacking Shield Resistance, making it harder for your enemies to defeat  you.

Universal Kit Module - Adaptation Vinculum

Recent study of Borg cubes, including the Artifact, has allowed for a recreation of the Vinculum that sits at the heart of all Borg ships. This powerful little device can be deployed on the battlefield, healing and even ressurecting you and your allies.

Set Bonuses

Two Piece Set Bonus:

If you have two pieces of this set equipped, defeating an enemy with a secondary attack will grant you Bonus Energy Damage for 60 seconds. This effect can stack.

Three Piece Set Bonus:

Having three pieces of this set equipped will grant you a new ability: Modulated Energy Blast. This powerful blast is powered by the proc from the two piece set bonus. Every time you defeat an enemy with a secondary attack, you'll gain a charge that can be spent to activate the Modulated Energy Blast. The more charges you build up, the more powerful the blast. It will damage enemies in a large radius, with a chance to knock them back and expose them.

As always, completing the event earns you a hefty stash of dilithium ore, and you can continue to play for increasing dilithium rewards.

Jesse Heinig

Senior Game Designer

Cryptic Studios

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