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Star Trek Online

Built-In Remodulation!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 05 Sep 2023 08:00:00 AM PDT

They’ve adapted!

The Borg strike fear into the hearts of warriors across the galaxy with their ability to adapt to all manner of attacks. The soldiers of the great galactic powers rely on remodulating their weapons to overcome this adaptive defense.

Previously, remodulation required you to fetch a special remodulator device, and to equip this in a device slot. Now, basic remodulation is a built-in function: When the Borg start to adapt to your weapons, the option to remodulate will appear over your power tray. You no longer need a frequency remodulator item, and basic remodulators will be removed from your inventory automatically.

You can, however, still access improved remodulator functions. If you equip a Fractal Remodulator—available through the R&D interface, by using materials from the Defera Invasion Zone—your default remodulate power will change to the improved, faster remodulation. If you have Presequenced Remodulator consumables—also now craftable through R&D—or the set bonus from various Omega Force reputation gear sets, you can still use these, too.

Going forward, we anticipate releasing additional specialty remodulators with additional benefits. Equipping one of these devices replaces your default remodulator, so that when the Borg start to adapt to your attacks, your remodulation benefits from the new abilities.

In addition, we’ve reworked Borg adaptation itself. The Borg should be slower to adapt to changes overall, and against weapons that fire rapid sprays or bursts, they tend to adapt partially only on a per-burst basis, instead of with every shot. Overall, the cadence of combat against the Borg should be closer to what’s seen in the shows and movies: You can drop a couple of Borg with some well-placed shots, but then they adapt to your weapons until you remodulate frequencies.

Of course, remodulation still takes time, so choose your moments wisely. And if you use the instant remodulate power of the Omega Force sets, while it’s re-processing you’ll have to rely on your default remodulator (or the improved device that you’ve equipped).

You’ll see these new changes in your upcoming battles with the Borg, and they’ll work in older missions as well. Good luck against the Borg—resistance is not futile!

Jesse Heinig
Senior Game Designer
Cryptic Studios

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