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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 9/29/22

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 28 Sep 2022 05:35:52 PM PDT


  • Updated Memorial plaque to include Louise Fletcher. 
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes prevent gaining Endeavor points and progress. 
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong number of Device Slots were listed on the Courier Pilot Raider's rewardpack. 
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the "Debris Screen" universal console from interacting with effects meant to interact with Universal Console abilities, such as Unconventional Systems. 
  • The "Debris Screen" universal console ability now shares a 60 sec minimum cooldown with other forms of extreme defense abilities, such as the Intrepid's Ablative Armor, the Karfi's Phase Shift, and Metaphasic Shielding. 
  • Updated “Trait: Infiltrator” to properly stack with different ranks of Infiltrator.  
  • Resolved an issue that was causing dialog to replace the names of NPC’s in at the Klingon Captains Table.  
  • Added the "Thrai Dreadnought Warbird" and "Valkis Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Warbird" to the list of ships capable of equipping the Romulan Drone Ship hangar pets. 

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