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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 5/10/18

By Ambassador Kael
Wed 09 May 2018 06:22:44 PM PDT

New Feature:

  • Landing Page
    • The new Landing Page will spotlight some features within Star Trek Online and provide quicker access to what is on the page.
    • This new page will appear upon logging in and when exiting the game by use of the Esc key.
    • Players who are below level 10 will not see this page upon log in.


  • Resolved an issue which caused TXAA to not be available as an anti-aliasing option.
  • Resolved an issue where the Elite Starter Pack was only rewarding 1 Captain Retrain Token instead of 5.
    • Players which have purchased this item prior to this update to Holodeck will automatically receive 7 additional tokens to the 1 that came with the original purchase for a total of 8  to make up for the mistake.
    • Going forward, new purchases will correctly reward 5 Captain Retrain Tokens.
  • Romulan Imperial Minefield:
    • Resolved an issue that caused choosing "depart system" from final contact to go to another contact.
      • Captains should now depart the system when chosen to do so at the end in the final contact. 
    • Resolved an issue that prevented the operation from awarding fleet marks at conclusion. 
  • Added a Duty Officer weekend event to 5/10 – 5/14

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