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Remnant: From the Ashes

HOTFIX: 235609

By SoFech | Tue 05 May 2020 11:00:10 AM PDT

A hotfix for the Swamps of Corsus update is being released that fixes a number of bugs, rebalances some numbers, and adds a few quality of life changes to Remnant!

Build: 235609


[ General ]



Adjusted general enemy health and damage on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse

Adjusted boss health and damage on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Many players noticed a difficulty increase across the board (on Hard and Nightmare) so we made a few tweaks to bring the health and damage values back in line. This should give a much smoother experience across the board and remove some of the more punishing encounters… outside of Apocalypse, of course!


Missing Trinkets

Fixed an issue preventing certain DLC trinkets from appearing in Campaign/Adventure

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We identified an issue that prevented some DLC items from spawning in Campaign and Adventure Mode. Rerolling these areas will give them a chance to spawn like all other items. Hopefully, you can find some cool builds with them!


[ Player]


Fall Damage

Adjusted Fall Damage to no longer scale with Friendly Fire damage modifier

DEVELOPER COMMENT: On harder difficulties, did you ever fall and insta-gib yourself? Call 1-800-OUR-BAD1… that’s 1-800-OUR-BAD1. (FIXED).


Neutral Backdash

Fixed issue with Neutral Evade cancel window being 2f too early

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The aim-cancel window on Neutral Backdash (non-Leto) was a few frames too early allowing for near permanent backdash invulnerability with Akari 1-PC and Ring of Evasion (with enough stamina of course). We adjusted this to keep things honest.


Dots / Stacks

Fixed Dot Stacks (Burn/Bleed) to properly gain damage increasing bonuses

Melee Damage causing Stacks will properly receive Melee Boosts

Burning Stacks applied by Hotshot will get properly boosted by Mod Damage Boosts

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A handful of Burn and Bleed stacks were not getting the proper damage buffs from the damage source. We fixed this!


Mod Damage Increases

Fixed Mods to properly show bonus damage obtained by Armor Mod Damage Boosts

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Visual change. That is all.



Nerfed “Distant Woo”

DEVELOPER COMMENT: JK, we didn’t change anything.


[ Survival ]



Added Consumable Chance from Supply Crates

Added Survival Version # to Stats Page

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We noticed players had lower consumables and an abundance of ammo in Survival (leading to lack of Ammo Box purchases). To fix both issues at once, we replaced a small percentage of ammo drops from Supply Crates with consumables. We also added a Survival Version # to the Stats Page so players can see which versions new world records are set on!



Increased enemy health gain by 4% per world level increase

Increased boss health by approximately 15%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We noticed that at higher levels, bosses were dying a tad too fast. We slightly increased the general health gain per level and added a little bit extra for bosses. This should make them last just a bit longer but they should still be pretty easy once you get a great build going!


Armor Gain

Adjusted Survival Divine Nectar Armor gain from 35 Flat to 25%

Adjusted Survival Barkskin Trait Armor gain from 15 Flat to 15%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Survival Barkskin and Divine Nectar was adding a Flat value to the player instead of a Percentage. This means that a base armor of 50 would end up with 350 armor with max Barkskin. With the changes to percentage, it brings all armors back in line and prevents Daredevil Charm from gaining almost the same armor as an actual armor set… but with no penalty! This change should make most runs a bit shorter (both with and without Armor) but we fully expect to see the most dedicated players set crazy records!



Changed Loop of Prosperity to the 25 total kill reward (Account Bound)

Added Talisman of Perseverance to 50 total kill reward (Account Bound)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Talisman of Perseverance was always meant to be an Account Bound reward in Survival Mode. We got this hooked up properly and moved it to 50 total kills. If you’ve already obtained 50 total kills, simply beating 1 additional boss should fix it. We also moved Loop of Prosperity to 25 total kills. As with Perseverance, if you already have 25 kills, 1 additional boss kill should unlock it. If you have obtained Perseverance in Pan, it will remain with your character but will not be Account Bound until you unlock it in Survival Mode.


[ Weapons ]



Undying Cooldown no longer resets when touching Worldstone

Undying Cooldown now has a secret…

DEVELOPER COMMENT: World Stones were resetting the Ruin cooldown giving a “free revive” every single new biome on Survival. We fixed this. However, we also added a hidden feature to Ruin. Can you figure it out!? =O


Beam Rifle

No longer stacks with other players

Slightly reduced Ramp increment from 0.3 to 0.25

Adjusted hidden enemy ramp Buff Duration from 2s to 1.05s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: When we buffed the Beam Rifle for the DLC, we neglected to remove the hidden “team buff” feature (which we never even explained to players). This resulted in double and triple stacking Beams doing max damage right off the bat – a little too strong! We also left the core damage but reduced the leniency in the debuff. It still does more sustain damage than any other weapon in the game (by a good margin) but requires holding the Beam on targets more consistently.


Pride of the Iskal

Fixed an issue that caused players to gain full Mod Power when dealing damage post-cast

DEVELOPER COMMENT: While we want you to be able to gain Mod power quickly… this may have been a little too fast, no? Fixed!


[ Mods ]


Blink Token

No longer deals damage to allies

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This was annoying. We fixed it! Spam away!



Fixed an issue causing Swarm to do insane damage at point blank range

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This has no effect on normal use… unless your normal use was casting it point blank to do maximum damage. If that’s the case. UNCOOL!


Flicker Cloak

Reduced Power Requirement from 1500 to 1000

Increased Duration from 10s to 15s

Added Cooldown of 15s post Shield expiration

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flicker Cloak at lower levels took a little too long to build. At higher levels, the build is near instant. We reduced the Power Requirement for easier access at lower levels, Increased the Duration, and added a cooldown to prevent constant spamming (invulnerability) on higher difficulties.


Rift Walker

Added Cooldown of 20s post use

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Rift Walker became highly abusable once Mod generation was near instant. To fix this, we added a short cooldown to prevent spamming it and remaining invulnerable forever.


Seeker Beetle

Reduced Power Requirement from 600 to 350

Reduced Charges to 3

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted this to be used a bit more frequently but without spamming all 5 at once. We reduced the Power Requirement by almost half and reduced the total Charges by 2.


Mender's Aura

Increased effect on NPCs from 50% to 100% (Root Mother, Liz/Liz, etc)



Corrosive Aura

Increased range from 4.5m to 5m (to match Scrapper)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Small Quality of Life change.


[ Items ]



Fixed an issue causing 9 DLC Trinkets from appearing in Campaign and Adventure

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Go forth and find the loots. Sorry about that one!


Daredevil Charm

Increased Damage Bonus from 25% per piece to 30%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The previous version was approximately a 20% damage buff against all pure armor and damage loadouts. However, it came with a heavy penalty of no protection. This worked decently in Campaign but due to Flat Armor Gain in Survival, it became too strong. However, with the Armor gain issue in Survival fixed, this trinket became less worth the risk. We increased the total damage over all DPS builds by approximately 30% (give or take) in all modes.


Jewel of the Black Sun

Increased Duration from 15s to 20s

Increased Bonus from 6% to 7%

DEVELOPER COMMENTS: Small buff to bring it above other rings due to the requirement. Increased the duration and the damage buff just a bit!


[ Enemies ]



Now drops ammo.



Barbed Terror

Fixed an issue causing Barbed Terror’s legs to appear during Hunter’s Mark

DEVELOPERS COMMENT: Seriously, though. Why.



Fixed an issue causing application of Burning effect through iFrames (Dodge)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is one we missed. Fixed now!



Fixed an issue with healthbar sticking up for clients in multiplayer

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Nothing to see here… at least, not anymore!



Staggers should no longer prevent him from returning from a Teleport



Iskal Queen

Slightly reduced overall health for All Difficulties

Slightly reduced damage for All Difficulties

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Queen was a bit too "bullet-spongey" and a bit too punishing, particularly on Hard and Nightmare difficulties. Along with the difficulty mode adjustments, a small reduction in base stats should put her in a good spot while keeping the challenge alive. If you want an insane challenge, though, try her on Apocalypse difficulty!


[ Bug Fixes ]


Bad Item Data Crash

Added a null check to prevent crashes from bad item instances


Game User Settings Crash

Fixed a crash caused by attempting to get input devices


Opalescent Shell

Fixed an issue causing anti-cheat to trigger when submitting Opalescent Shell on clients


Preload Priority

Fixed an issue that prevented Supply Crates from dropping loot some of the time


Glowing Fragments

Fixed an issue causing Glowing Fragments from sometimes being saved in coop


Mod Descriptions

Fixed an issue with Mod Descriptions being cut off in some resolutions


Leto’s Lab

Removed a black occlusion plane that appeared in one of the doorways



Fixed an issue causing certain notifications getting stomped by other notifications


Checkpoint Indicator

Fixed an issue where Checkpoint Indicator was disabled if Tutorials were disabled


General Audio

Fixed some general audio cues. Nothing too crazy!


General Art

Fixed a few minor art bugs.


Please restart your game client to apply the update. Players will need to be on the same version to group up in multiplayer.

For all technical issues and bugs, please contact:

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