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War Avatar Chest: S Raffle

By sparkiesoft | Thu 19 Feb 2015 11:00:00 PM PST

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This week we're running another raffle event for War Avatar Chest: S! Just Charge gold on your character to be entered into the raffle. Read on below for details.

Raffle Start: 2/20 Friday @ 12:01 AM PDT 
Raffle End: 2/23 Monday @ 11:59 PM PDT 



How to enter:
Charge at least 10 gold during the raffle weekend to be entered into the raffle. Every 10 gold Charge will be counted as one entry.

Who Wins:

  • Top 3 players who Charge the most gold from each server during the raffle weekend
  • 15 players randomly chosen out of the total entrants


War Avatar Chest: S

Prize Distribution

  • Limit of only one prize per eligible account
  • Prizes are planned to be sent out 3-5 business days after the promotion ends.
  • The prize will be sent via in-game mail
  • The prize will be mailed to the main character that had last spent the gold for this promotion

Winners will be announced in this blog post at the end of the contest. All servers are included in this raffle as well, so no one will be left out!


server IGN
Sanctuary Sweatypea
Heavens Tear LiteStorm
Dreamweaver Daniiii
Archosaur Astariens
Morai Krizzy
Morai orpheee
Morai BelaLugosi
Dreamweaver TrynToBehave
Harshlands Dashir
Dreamweaver groovypoppet
Lost City Mizeral
Dreamweaver Vilan_Shadow
Harshlands pinjata
Harshlands DemisesWrath
Lost City Kokoro_Chan
Archosaur _MoonPie_
Raging Tide Laja
Morai XxPaTaPxX
Heavens Tear Lady_Zero
Dreamweaver iSollen
Archosaur Dirtay
Dreamweaver Mendar
Dreamweaver StealtDagger
Harshlands Kitous
Harshlands SlicingSue
Harshlands Yutani
Morai Ichimaru
Raging Tide Messsiah
Morai Shicamari
Lost City Bartimus
Raging Tide BubbleBoobs
Lost City FieldMedic
Heavens Tear FinalChapter
Heavens Tear cavindogg
Harshlands tom_ik
Raging Tide VAARSH
Sanctuary roxydevil
Archosaur Xuton

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