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Patch Notes: Version: NW.110.20190411b.37

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 22 May 2019 09:13:13 PM PDT

Known Issues

  • Auto-looting in this version does not function correctly. Players will need to press the interact key to loot items.


Release Notes

Content and Environment

Lair of the Mad Mage

  • Acturia's warning effects now display more consistently.
  • The Bore Worm now consistently appears at the beginning of the fight.
  • Trobriand no longer has a chance to stop attacking after a phase transition.

Castle Ravenloft

  • The Arcolith no longer stops attacking part of the way through its encounter.

Spellplague Caverns (Master)

  • The hit points of Far Realm Horrors and Planar Tears summoned during the fight against Nostura have been significantly reduced.


Combat and Powers


  • Augment companions no longer incorrectly stop providing stats after a cutscene.


Items and Economy


  • Heroic Encounter rewards can now be properly claimed. 


User Interface

Character Sheet

  • The Item Level display in the character sheet now displays the Item Level that the player is scaled to.


  • Companions can no longer be summoned when the player character is dying or dead.
  • Rush training now consistently functions from the companion context menu in the companion roster UI.


  • The Status Effects icon now appears regardless of whether a player has buffs or debuffs applied.
  • The tooltip that displays when highlighting the character pane now shows your Item Level.

Inventory and Gear

  • Slotted enchantments now properly update their Guaranteed Upgrade counter.




  • The item Crystalized Resonance: Balance now properly states that it awards 8 gold, instead of 20.


Performance and Stability

  • A crash related to item scaling has been addressed.
  • Player characters should now properly log back into certain queued content after a disconnect.


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