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Patch Notes: NW.105.20181121b.34

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 13 Mar 2019 08:42:12 PM PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Fangbreaker Isle

  • Drufi should continue attacking and using skills until defeated.


Items and Economy


  • Woven Tales Enchantment now gives +600 Critical Strike and Combat Advantage.
  • Day of the Dungeon Master: The Card of Artifacts now only costs 5 Crumpled Cards, reduced from 100
  • Power Points and Active Companion Slots have been removed from Zen Market. See forum post for more info.
  • Updated the text on Astral Diamond Box to clearly reflect the box content.



  • Various minor text fixes have been made to French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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