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Champions Online

The Trade Paperback is Here!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 30 Jun 2022 10:00:00 AM PDT

If you're a collector, you might jump on a brand new issue of a comic book right as it launches. But if you're a little more patient and looking for a deal, it's also good to wait for the trade. With the Trade Paperback, Champions is launching a brand new initiative that allows you to get your hands on the prizes of the past! This new item will be available from 10am PT June 30th to 10am PT July 14th, in a brand new store in the Vehicle area of the Renaissance Center for 5000 questionite. Purchasing and opening a Trade Paperback will grant you one of five different types of vouchers, of differing rarities. These tokens can be traded in for lots of prizes, including some that haven't been seen in Champions Online in some time! On top of that, each voucher can be traded in for two tokens of lower rarity. 

The top prize of the Trade Paperback is twelve brand new auras!

Here's a full list of the prizes you can obtain:

Cosmic Voucher Gold Voucher Purple Voucher
Cosmic Aura: Body Esoteric Deliverance Device Supersensory Heirloom Gloves
Cosmic Aura: Full Voltanic Potential Device Supersensory Heirloom Crystal
Cosmic Aura: Hair Anagogic Aspect Device Sorceror's Might Heirloom Bracers
Cosmic Aura: Back Beign Symbiote Device Sorceror's Might Heirloom Charm
Cosmic Aura: Body (Glows) Prototype Emergency Orbital Howitzer Device Aurum Accelerator Heirloom Gauntlets
Cosmic Aura: Full (Glows) Gadgeteer Backpack Aurum Accelerator Heirloom Ring
Cosmic Aura: Hair (Glows) Punks Bangs Hair Gunslinger's Revenge Heirloom Gloves
Cosmic Aura: Back (Glows) Emissive Helmet Gunslinger's Revenge Heirloom Badge
Cosmic Aura: Body (Space) Summer SHirt Power-Up Heirloom Gloves
Cosmic Aura: Full (Space) Alien Gladiator Helmet 3 Power-Up Heirloom Tights
Cosmic Aura: Hair (Space) Swashbuckler Power-Up Heirloom Mask
Cosmic Aura: Back (Space) Dragon Fang Sword Mystic High Collar
  Light Crushed Mystic Collar
  Hyper Blade Mystic Skirt
  Electric Hoverboard Dragon Necklace
  Headlight Mask Dragon Bracers
    Visor Welder Large
    Armor Heavy Tech Bulky
    Armor Hoses
    Gadgeteer Extreme
    Cybernetic Implants Heavy
    Cybernetic Implants Armored
    Armor Mech
    Blaster Large
    Edged Tech Sleek
    Eye Blaster
    Blaster Quad


Blue Voucher Green Voucher
Eager Critical Belt Safeguard Catalyst
Eager Rejuvianting Belt 15% Catalyst Rejuviating Formula
Eager Impacting Belt  
Eager Freedom Bracers  
Eager Amored Bracers  
Eager Bolstering Bracers  
Eager Bolstering Eyepiece  
Eager Efficient Eyepiece  
Eager Energy Eyepiece  
Powerhouse Theatre Transport Device  
Project Greenskin Transport Device  
Steelhead Transport Device  
Fighting Dojo Transport Device  
Arcana Library Transport Device  
Mutations Lab Transport Device  
Minefield Transport Device  
Until Headquarters Transport Device  
Farlong Devices Device  
Spatial Manipulator Device  
Carl's Gym Transport Device  
Club Caprice Transport Device  
Sherrera's Bar Transport Device  
Enchanted Foundry Transport Device  
MCPD Transport Device  
Inventions Workshop Transport Device  
Rex Action Figure  
Doctor Silverback Action Figure  
Bug Hunter Action Figure  
Mega Destroid Action Figure  
Grond Action Figure  
Sapphire Action Figure  
Steampunk Action Figure  
Retro Dr. Destroyer Action Figure  




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