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Torchlight 3

Minor Patch - June 18th, 2020

By SoFech | Fri 19 Jun 2020 06:08:16 PM PDT


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Hello Torchlight players,


Today we have a minor patch that will address several critical issues. We are aware of several other issues that may be affecting players and will continue to provide information on reported issues and suggestions.


There is no downtime for this patch; players currently online will be notified when the new version is available for download.  


  • The top 3 server crashes and top 2 client crashes by frequency have been fixed. 
  • Massively reduced spam messages between the game server and party service, increasing the speed that important party state updates will be processed. 
  • Ridiculous difficulty has been tuned so it will feel reliably dangerous, but not be a slog through massive monster health pools. Regular, champ, and boss monsters will now deal more damage to players on this difficulty, while player damage against monsters on Ridiculous is now only slightly less than on Painful difficulty. 
  • In rare cases players could enter character or pet names using non-latin glyphs which would be rejected by the service (good!) but allowed by the game client (bad!). This resulted in players having a character in their list that seemed legit but would never be allowed to enter the game world. If you have a character that has never been able to enter the game it is likely this bug; deleting that character and making a new one with an allowed name will clean this up. 





  • The warp to Bugswat Burrow is no longer out of reach, which had prevented players from interacting with it.





  • Cost to purchase potions from the vendor reduced to 80g





  • Fixed an issue with the Untangled Web quest where players could get stuck unable to rescue Wolfram, preventing progress. 
  • Reliquary quest fixed which should solve the quest and the Ember Cores from not dropping from boss mobs.





  • Temporarily removed the pull-in effect from Forged Vent: Vortex Bomb skill. Monsters were being moved into the collision of the character, frequently locking the player in place after using the skill. We have a fix for the collision behavior which needs more testing before release. When we release the improved collision, Vortex Bomb will get the pull-in effect restored. 
  • Forged characters no longer block other players from running through them


As always, you can review/report bugs and other feedback on our Support Center and we’ll see you on the frontier soon!


- Echtra Bean 



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