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Arc News
HOTFIX: 248851

We've released a hotfix to the Subject 2923 update for PC (Steam & Epic) that fixes the "Potential Cheating Detected" issue, resolves miscellaneous issues, and adds the original Remnant: From the Ashes pre-order bonuses to every account for free!


Build: 248851



Added Remnant: From the Ashes pre-order skins and Survival Pack pre-order bonus to all accounts!

The entitlement will activate on new characters. Once claimed, all characters will be able to use the pre-order skins.


Adjusted behavior of the Root Heart in Ward Prime to default to teleporting to the final fight after failing the encounter.


Turned off collision on the shield props on the ground to prevent boss/players from getting hung up in the Brudvaak fight.


Added small collision blocker in the Ixillis arena to smooth out the extension of the wood floor to match where the broken posts are.


Lighting optimization in Reactor Room.




Resolved “Potential Cheating Detected” error.

Players previously affected should now be able to play in multiplayer games again.


Fix for Steam achievements not unlocking when achieved.


Fix for Hero’s Sword consuming twice as much stamina as intended.


Fix for Leto's armor stagger reduction misbehaving.

This brings the Leto's 2 piece in line with the function of Mantle of Thorns which also applies the same effect of stagger reduction.


Removed armor from Obryk’s tender areas.


Ziggurat entrance in Yaesha now orients correctly on the minimap.




Alternator - Incinerator mod

Changed the number of charges from 1 to 2 and increased the mod power requirement from 890 to 900.


Rebalanced the distribution of flop damage and unarmed damage.

Removed flop damage increase from Leto's set and increasing the amount found on Ring of the Unclean.


Aug 20th, 2020

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