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Patch Notes: NW.137.20220522a.16

Von Nitocris | Mi 29 Jun 2022 19:23:12 PDT

Dragon Hunts


  • Green Dragon’s “Mass Dispel” no longer removes buffs that it shouldn’t, and no longer disrupts bards attempting to play songs.
  • Strands can no longer be “converted” to the same type at a loss.
  • Verdant and Crackling Strand Exchanges have been corrected. Crackling can be exchanged to Verdant, and Verdant can be exchanged into Crackling.



Rise of Tiamat
(Note: Tiamat Standard Mode is currently deactivated on RTQ and Public Queues. It is still accessible via Private Queues)


  • Severin’s Fire Wall ability once again properly respects revive immunity.
  • The final phase of the fight can no longer be skipped under certain circumstances.

Normal Difficulty

  • General
    • Damage has been reduced across the board.
    • If players fall into the chasm, they will spawn in more accessible locations depending on where they fell.
    • Severin’s Fireball no longer hits slightly outside its warning area.
    • The number of Vile Swarm patches has been reduced from 5 to 3.
    • The HP of mini-bosses has been reduced by approximately 25%.
    • The warning period for spells has been increased to 5 seconds, up from 3 seconds.
    • The number of Eruptions from Tiamat’s Eruption spell has been reduced to 3, down from 6.
    • The damage dealt by Tiamat’s Aura in Phases 3 and 5 now ramps up more slowly.
    • The duration of the Hold dealt by Impending Permafrost has been reduced by 3 seconds.
    • When Tiamat is emerged, there is more time between spell casts.
  • Phase 1
    • The damage of Fire Wall has been reduced.
  • Phase 2
    • The period between add spawns has been increased by 6 seconds.
  • Phase 3
    • It is no longer required to defeat both of Tiamat's claws simultaneously.
  • Phase 5
    • Dragon Souls will no longer be shattered when entering Phase 5.

Master Difficulty

  • Tiamat now properly uses the intended number of spells in Phase 5.

Known Issues

  • On Normal mode, Tiamat’s aura in Phase 3 currently has no effect. This makes Phase 3 much easier than intended.



Content and Environment

Overworld Map

  • Caer-Konig is once again accessible. We’re still investigating other reports of zone inaccessibility.



Combat and Powers

Artifact Powers

  • The power of the Dragonbone Wand at Epic Quality now properly gives 4.5% Critical Strike, down from 45%.

Mount Powers

  • The Stalwart Power from the Omen of Despair now properly increases in rank when players upgrade it to Mythic.
  • The Stalwart Power from the Black Unicorn now properly increases in rank when players upgrade it to Mythic.



Items and Economy


  • Mystagogue no longer binds to account when granted by the Astral Lockbox.
  • The Sinister Shade's Armor can now be worn by Bards.

Reward Claims Agent

  • The Legendary Barlgura now properly binds to account on claim. It is once again claimable via the RCA.
  • The Crystalline Warhorse now properly binds to account on claim. It is once again claimable via the RCA.



User Interface

Mutator Selection

  • (Xbox and PlayStation) The “close screen” button no longer appears with a PC-style interface.
  • (Xbox and PlayStation) The “Unlock” list’s layout has been updated for readability.


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