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Star Trek Online

New Items in Mudd's Market!

Von Ambassador Kael | Do 23 Jan 2020 09:30:00 PST

My friends! My benefactors! My, dare I say it, potential customers! Did I not say that Harcourt Fenton Mudd was the king of all deals? Over the past weeks of my establishment being officially open to the public – although a bit mobile to keep away from prying Federation eyes – I believe I have demonstrated the value you can only find here. And now, there are three new items becoming available! The Klingon’s own personal demons, the Fek’ihri, have granted me their S’torr Warship! It sounds like a sneeze to me, but I’m told it’s the ‘new hotness,’ if you will. And look at this, a holographic recreation of Federation legend Geordi La Forge! Wouldn’t you want an engineer of that caliber on your bridge crew? But that’s not all, folks, I’ve also made available a Crystal Prism Device from the mysterious world of Paahvo, and I’ll even throw in an amazing tech upgrade for your trouble. These items are normally priced at market value, but for the next few days, I’ll be letting it all go for a steal! Don’t miss out!


Mudd’s Market is being updated on PC! Grab a T6 Fek’ihri S’torr Warship for 17,000 Zen, a Geordi La Forge Holographic Bridge Officer for 4,000 Zen, and a Crystal Prism Device with an Ultimate Tech Upgrade for 8,000 Zen. And like Mudd said, the whole store will be 80% off from January 23rd to January 27th!

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Wir bieten unseren Captains doppelte Erfahrung, um im Kampf gegen die Bedrohungen der Galaxie zu bestehen.
Viele von euch haben uns über die Auswirkungen der aktuellen Ereignisse für Cryptic Studios gefragt, also möchten wir euch ein Update geben.
Mudds Markt wird auf dem PC aktualisiert und alles in Mudds Markt ist vom 19. bis zum 23. März 80% günstiger!

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