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Developer Blog: Myconid Lockbox!

In certain dark depths of the Underdark, spores rule all. Araumycos’s spores have grown, twisting organic creatures into Myconid abominations, shells of their former selves. A new lockbox that contains Araumycos’s secrets, the Myconid Lockbox, arrives on November 8 with the launch of Neverwinter: Northdark Reaches!

NOTE: The Dragonslayer Lockbox will disappear on November 8, 2022.

The Myconid Lockbox will require an Enchanted Key to open and will use the updated reward structure introduced with the Dragon Cult Lockbox.

One of the prizes within the lockbox is the Myconid Choice Pack, which grants your choice of the account reclaimable mythic Myconid Bulette mount and the account reclaimable mythic companion, Rumpadump.

Myconid Bulette – Myconids have completely infested the body of what appears to have once been a bulette.


Rumpadump – An extremely introverted myconid, Rumpadump would prefer to hang to the back and let its partner do the leading. If absolutely necessary, Rumpadump will use its spores to great effect.

The Myconid Lockbox also includes a chance at rewards such as insignias, upgrade tokens, legendary account mounts, and more!

Okt 24th, 2022

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