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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 4/26/17

By Ambassador Kael
Tue 25 Apr 2017 04:39:22 PM PDT


  • Resolved an issue where enemies were often scaled to the incorrect level in some difficulties in some PVE queues.
  • Core Assault:
    • The Elite version is now available.
    • Enemies despawn when the door is opened.
    • Players no longer receive a fail message when a successful choice is given in the Simon Says styled game in room 2.
  • Krieger Ground weapons from the Privateer lockbox:
    • Now Bind to Account on Equip
    • Now have random mods when obtained
  • Space PVP queues are once again available.


Known Issues:

  • Foundry functions will be temporarily unavailable.
  • The new queue “Twin Tribulations” will not be available at the launch of Escalation.
    • We are making updates based on player feedback from its recent launch on Tribble.
  • Temporal Operative and Command ground powers cannot be slotted as default Bridge Officer powers.
  • The Kobali Adventure Zone map incorrectly labels the level range of the zones.
  • The Kobali Adventure Zone missions cannot be replayed.
  • The whistle sound for a when a queue match is ready plays twice.
  • When the player opens the new PvE queue UI for only the first time, the categories will be out of order.
    • Close the window and reopen to resolve this.
  • Ground PVP queues are temporarily unavailable.
  • Core Assault: Failing on Elite grants an elite Temporal Mark.


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